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Credits :

Creative Concept : Christine and the Queens
Director: Jordan Bahat
Choreography: La Horde (Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel) in collaboration with Christine and the Queens

Executive producer: Céline Roubaud @Caviar Paris
Producer: Jeremy Martin
DOP: Jallo Faber
Dancers: David Cottle, Romain Guillermic, Liza Lapert, Eva Ndiaye, Jérémie Parent, Josh Wild
Stylism: Adrian Bernal
Post producer: Thomas Cornet
Post production: Nadege Moreau / Mikaella Zarka @MATHEMATIC

Executive production: LIMELITE
Executive producer: Vlad Bolelov
Production manager: Nastya Ivashchuk
Production assistant: Daria Ivashchuk
First assistant director: Grits
Set designer: Misha

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I’m gone in a flick, but back in a second
With salted skin, rash for no reason
Boys are loading their arms, girls gasp with envy
F-f-for whom are they mimicking endlessly ?

Same old sadness in small lumps on my jaw
For lusting after is the usual freak show
May your girl come, birdie die under this spur
F-f-fingers angrily sunk on the jugular

Don’t feel like a girlfriend
But lover
Damn, I’d be your lover

Yes sir, I am wet, for I abandoned my fame in the lake
Let’s see now how fast you’re breathing and how long this will all take
Those who used to pass by me think they are baffling a liar
F-f-fuck is you ? You don’t even taste much better !

Came back steaming in sweats in the morning
I muscled in for I wanted to hold him
Then shriveled to let those bird-dogs rage through
F-f-f is me ? f-f-fuck is you ? f-f-fuck is you now

Don’t feel like a girlfriend
But lover
Damn, I’d be your lover

Touché, touché, touché, touché…

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